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21 signs of PTSD

21 Signs of PTSD

Have you ever noticed when someone has been through trauma that they become a different person?  Have you ever been through an experience or event that changed how you feel about yourself?  
This is because of a phenomenon called Trauma.  When you get into a threatening situation your brain acts to protect itself.

Why Women of Faith are Easy Targets for Abuse

Why Women of Faith are Easy Targets for Abuse

Woman of faith are often surprised when their marriage is not what they thought it was going to be. They face abuse of all kinds. It’s hard for them to ask for help because no one believes their husband is capable of the abuse


23 Bible Verses for When Your Anxiety is Triggered

The National Institute of Mental Health reported that an estimated 19.1% of U.S. adults had any anxiety disorder in the past year and that it was higher for females (23.4%) than for males (14.3%).  
My own anxiety peaks during situations I cannot control like traffic congestion, crowds and even playing sports or some fast games.

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